For my blog topic I chose fear, one of the most known and elaborated things in the world. The word fear came from the Greek god Deimos. This to me was the real begging of the idea of fear. People took the scariness of these gods and where frightened by them. From there they made stories of the evil Greek gods. And from there it carried on and people began to find other things to be afraid of. Myth is full of fears, suspense, and panic. I feel this is what drives and makes most myths to be interesting, or long lasting. It’s almost as if people want fear, they like it in a story. Because with myth it’s usually something terrifying happening with monsters and gods. This helps drive people’s imagination which is why they may be more drawn to it and interested. Like in today’s horror movies. People enjoy those because they can sit back and be frightened but not have to worry about it. It brings real suspense to someone.

From here I feel people begin to make up their own fears. Find their own secret things to be afraid of. Some people have none, some people fear it all. I think someone people almost want to fear something. They like their own suspense in real life. In some cases this can even protect people, or help guide them in the right path. For example: if someone fears drugs, or alcohol and its affects they will never do it. Leading a clean life. A thing like this is why a little fear in everyone is good no matter what it is. It can keep you out of trouble or keep you safe. Now the question Is where did good fear originate from? That’s what I want to know.