What Myth Means to Me…

Mythology doesn’t mean much to me, but it is a huge apart of everything. The stories my grandparents have told me over my life, well that relates to myth in a way since it is story telling. And I enjoy passing on these stories to other people.

When I can’t find answers to things, I sort of make up my own answer and reasoning. This is the basis of the creation myths. When they didn’t know something, they made up an answer for it.

My freshman year in high school I read a book called the odyssey. And it has always stuck with me since; I loved the journey and the characters in the movie. This is a great part of mythology, and a great story everyone in high school should read.


When I was even in grade school they would use some of the Greek gods and evil god’s stories, as ways to teach us lessons and morals about life. Like to be adventurous and to follow our dreams in life. Though I can’t remember the gods they used in these examples, I remember the stories.

I’m not really into the whole science fiction scene but I do like some folk tales and the lessons they can teach. In the end I can’t say mythology means a whole bunch to me but I can defiantly have real life experiences with it.


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