Where did Dia de los Muertos originate from and how is it celebrated today?


Dia de los Muertos is known as the day of the dead, and has been around for over 4000 years. Originating on the homeland of Mexico, before it was even Mexico cultures shared the same ideal about the afterlife. Many of the people believed that when you died, you weren’t gone for good but your soul “carried on to the afterworld”.

With this after life ideal they started to celebrate the dead, and honoring them. So from then on Mexico had a celebration once a year to honor their dead loved ones and honoring the lady of the dead, goddess Mictecacihuatl. The Aztecs had developed the belief that “the deceased preferred to be celebrated, rather than mourned” so they had their first celebration honoring the deceased children that had passed, lasting an entire month.

Today Dia de los Muertos is celebrated a little differently, but by many more people of different cultures. “With the spread of Mexicans into other countries… Many more are adopting the Day of the Dead”. With these cultural belief spread too many others people are now adopting more ideals to the afterlife and celebrating the lives of their loved ones. On November 1st-2nd people are found celebrating this day with a big feast of their favorite Mexican dishes, dancing and reminiscing about their loved ones.

Sources:  : http://www.celebrate-day-of-the-dead.com/dia-de-los-muertos-history.html



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