Mythological Creatures

There are many mythological creatures, mainly originating from Greece. Some include; Medusa, Cyclopes, Giants, Ash tree Nymphs, and all the gods. We find these mentioned in almost all myths, but what are they there for? I feel some of these creatures are here to represent evil, and chaos. Because a lot of these creatures cause destruction and fear to people. They’re like a symbolic creature of the bad in life. But creatures really help add to the story and make it more appealing to people.

They’re divided into two categories; one group is where people believe that these creatures did exist. The other group being the one where people do not believe these creatures existed ever, their existence is just a story. But in each country these opinions and creatures are different. A lot of people blame certain creatures and gods for the creation of earth and the way it looks. Which is what made these things so popular hundreds of years ago when they didn’t have scientific answers for their questions and they used these myths. But then people started telling these stories of them and it then spread and now these creatures aren’t kept in a country they’re known worldwide. These creatures and some of the battles they fought are used to help teach kids lessons in class, and maybe even still today. They can use them as examples and learn the morals of it, what’s good and what’s bad. So in a way these made up stories are really a great thing to come to our world. One thing I find key is that they still use the creatures in a lot of movies, books and comics. Because they can be used to symbolize the evil in the story and the chaos, like I mentioned earlier.


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