Myth principle and how it applies to Me Response

Myth Principle
✼Myth is a unique use of language that describes the realities beyond our five senses. It fills the gap between the images of the unconscious and the language of the conscious logic.

My definition :
✼Myth helps describe things beyond our reality. It helps explains things when you don’t understand or want an answer.

✼ To me this is a almost everyday thing. And I didn’t realize myth was in my everyday life until I read this principle, it probably applies to almost everyone. When I sit and think of something I don’t understand, like why the sky is blue. I come up with my own answer, using my imagination. As weird as it is to understand, that right there is a myth. And it applies to my conscious mind trying to fill the gap between the unconscious. It’s answering a question that I don’t quite understand, explaining the meaning of things and why things are the way they are. Which is also a Principle of myth.


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