Article and Photo response!


For the Photo I feel this is a very deep quote, with a lot of meanings to it. “There is redemption through chaos”, to me this is like saying you can get what you want, but you might have to go through hell to get it. In a lot of Greek Mythology the Myth is usually a mess, and there is a lot of chaos. But in the end of every Myth something good usually happens, like it says here, “redemption”. It makes a good point by saying it is the “basis of Greek mythology”, because it truly is. Not many Myths are happy go lucky, it’s usually hell until it’s over. The way it uses the word “darkness” is key, and not many will get the meaning behind it in this photo. Darkness can mean many of things, but in this it means bad. Darkness is a place where terrible things can happen.  And in this it’s showing you have to go into the dark, encounter terrible things, and you’ll receive something great in the end.

                I really dig the idea in this article that Myth was created to give “abstract ideas” because it many ways, that’s all a Myth, really is. Crazy ideas people came up with as an answer to something. People wanted to know how the earth was created, so they came up with ideas and turned it into a story, usually an over exaggerated one. But in our day this has turned into a myth.   I also noticed how it says it is “the basis of literature” because in many ways it is. Read any classic novel or even books today. And you’ll be able to find a way that it’s tied into a myth, or brings up a myth.  The book “Sophie’s world” is a wonderful example of this.  

                Another thing that stood out to me in the article was how Christian scholars used brief summaries of myths to show a moral lesson. This is something they should still use today, at least to younger kids.  It says gods where represented with abstract qualities. Like Athena being wisdom, or Ares being courage. They can use myths like this to teach kids what wisdom or courage is, and how it can be used for the best, or in some cases the worst. So rather than myths just being a dramatized story, they can use them in many ways.